This is all intentional. They want us to beg for a new system. The old paper money system is going out with a bang. The people will beg for a new system and they will say that digital dollars are the only way to save us. You will own nothing and be happy (or in jail).

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Absolutely 100% true. The end game, which now seems inevitable (as in, what else can really happen?) is the new system, is replacing the American economy with U.S. government control, while still calling it "the economy". I.e. Nationalization of the private sector. A totalitarian command economy, cf. USSR and North Korea.

And yes, the point where we dive off the cliff is the CBDC. It is all intentional.

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America has Already Collapsed: People Just Haven't Figured it Out Yet

Our currency has been devalued by 98% since 1913 as admitted by the Federal Reserve.

In 1970, you could buy 250 oz of Gold for $10,000. In 2024, 250 oz cost well over $500,000.

Average wage in 1970 =$9,500. One man could afford a house, car, wife and several kids with one wage earner. Average wage in 2024 =$43,000 and it's not enough to survive in most areas.

In 1950 the average house was $6,000. In 2024, average house cost $450,000.

Car in 1970 use to cost $3,500. 2024 a car cost $47,000.

It's already over for America. It just hasn't psychologically been figured out by the masses. But they are starting to get it as the collapse gets worse and their checks more meaningless.

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what's the DILL?


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Inflation and bond prices rising and falling are nothing new. The difference now is that after a few decades, the Fed wants us to believe they really do control things. We are once again seeing the truth of the matter. The Fed is an anti-human juggernaut only concerned with keeping the top 2% in the black.

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